About Us

Quality Products. Quality Service. Our Way of Life for 120 Years.

Crown Linen Service has been working in the St. Louis and Columbia areas for more than a century. We have a long history in the linen service of great customer service as well as beautiful, durable products. We are a small company - we serve the St. Louis metropolitan area, the Columbia, Missouri area, and several cities throughout western Illinois - because we have stayed true to our belief that what makes us stand out as a company is our ability to provide individualized service to our clients. When we take on a client - we make a personalized order, customize the delivery and pickup schedules for your business, and most of all - we are flexible to change for your needs at any time.

That is what has made the difference for Crown Linen Service over the last century - our dedication to personalized service. When you decide to engage Crown Linen for your hospital linens, your restaurant linens or your hotel linens - you can rest assured that your service will always be punctual, your linens will always be flawless, and our employees will always be polite. Our customer service reps know our clients on a first name basis - we pride ourselves on forming relationships with our clients. When you start service with Crown Linen, one of our service representatives will be assigned to handle your account and all of your deliveries. You won't see a new face that you don't know every other day - you will get to know your service rep.

We continue to stay ahead of ongoing changes in the linen rental field - we stay competitive by offering our small-town service attitude with a variety of the most up-to-date techniques in the field. We make sure that each member of our staff is as invested in the success of your company as we are in the success of ours; and we are proud of every member of our team.

If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more about your business joining the Crown Linen family, contact us today!

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